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There's A BraZillion Ways To Say “Cheap Hair"

Staying virgin is tough. It's easier to just say you are. That's why Chinese manufacturers continue to think up creative names to sell the same processed hair. 


1. ORIGINS: India produces large quantities of virgin hair annually because of a unique spiritual practice where millions of women donate their hair. There's nothing like it, anywhere else in the world. The next time you're thinking about buying "Virgin Brazilian" hair, ask your vendor one question, "Where's all the bald Brazilian women at?”

2. GRADES: Hair processing has improved over the last 30 years, which has caused Chinese manufacturers to create a grading system to categorize their different types of processed products. Grades aren't regulated by anyone so if you're looking for real virgin hair, they all get an F.

3. STEAM CURL: Most natural Indian hair is loose wave. Loxi natural Curly is as curly as it gets. To offer more textures, manufacturers take loose wave hair, wrap it around rods, put it in steam rooms, and boom! insta-curls. Although Steam-Curled hair can still be remy and last for years (see Loxi Kinky Curly), it is definitely NOT virgin.

4. BONE-STRAIGHT: ALL virgin hair has a slight wave to it. Some asian countries have hair that can seem straight, but even they have a slight wave. Truly bone straight hair is a tell-tale sign that it's been processed hair.

5. VIRGIN BLONDE: Natural Indian hair ranges from 1B to a light brown. Blonde hair is Indian hair that has been bleached, meaning NOT virgin. Next time someone tries to sell you blonde virgin hair, ask one question: where's all the bald European woman at?

BOTTOM LINE: The hair industry is an unregulated Wild Wild West. Companies can legally can name their products whatever they want, so there's no way to know exactly what's in a bundle of hair. As a matter of fact, since most vendors are middle men, they don't even know what's in their hair or where it came from. That's why we created the Loxi Reveal - Hair testing Kit, to finally give you the power to know what you're really buying. Download: LOXI REVEAL: HAIR TESTING KIT





  • I understand that you offer a hair coloring as well however I did not see an option to select a particular color blend. How would I do this?

    Lavette Jonez
  • Do y’all sell wholesale

    Trina Green
  • Need gray hair no one seems to carry


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