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3 Tips For Finding Good Hair Online


1. Stay Away From YouTube Reviews

I’m sure you’ve watched a million and one YouTube reviews about the hair you are interested in buying. But unfortunately, YouTube reviews are not reliable. Often times, brands give YouTubers free hair in exchange for a positive YouTube review. These reviews are expected to be done a day or two after the initial install. Once the review is up, the deal is complete and the YouTuber moves on to the next brand of hair. Because of this, viewers never get to see a true and honest review, especially from the more popular YouTubers who are frequently courted by hair brands.

Additionally, more often than not, YouTubers of all levels neglect to to do a four week, three month and one year review. Because of this, viewers never know how the hair will hold up on the long term. All hair is great during the first few days. But will your hair hold up through the seasons? Leave it to YouTube and you may never know.

2. Use The "Loxi Reveal Hair Testing Kit"

The test just works. It's simple to perform and reveals the quality/origin of your hair in minutes. LOXI REVEAL: HAIR TESTING KIT

3. Order A Sample

This may seem like a hassle if you want your hair right away. But if you can spare a few weeks, order a sample size of hair from the company you are interested in before you place your official order. This way, you’ll be able to test the hair for yourself and see how “good” it is. You’ll also be able to see if the texture and color matches your own. And because most virgin hair companies do not accept returns on purchases, this may be the most cost effective option. However, if the hair company you are interested in purchasing from does offer a return policy, like Loxi (hint, hint), you may be able to skip this step. 

The Bottom Line:

Buying hair online can be a daunting task. But if you take your time and follow my advice, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache on the dreaded bad bundle. 




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  • I’m impressed with all the great info you provided. Most company’s show pics but I found there crap I spend lots of money on human hair mainly because I’m allergic to the chemicals they use on the processed hair I think I found my company. Question do you sell hair in bulk for braiding also I wear braids in the summer.

    Monique Dudek

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