How To Pick The Perfect Hair Extensions


Need help finding the right hair? Start by answering these 4 questions:

1. How do you want your hair to look when it's not styled?:

All Loxi textures can be pressed, curled, and colored with ease. Meaning loose wave hair can be curled to look like curly hair and curly hair can be pressed to look like a straight hair, etc..So selecting a texture is about what you want your hair to look like after it's been washed and is in it's natural state.

2. How much care are you willing to give your hair?

Nature's law for natural human hair (whether on a bundle OR on our head): The curlier it is, the more work it takes to manage. Curlier hair dries quicker than straighter hair, and dry is the kiss of death for healthy hair. It becomes prone to damage, tangling, matting, and breaking (shedding). Curlier hair requires more attention to daily upkeep, from wrapping your hair at night, applying oil, conditioner washes, etc..If you want a long healthy relationship with your Loxi hair, but don't want to think too much about caring for it, you should consider a texture with a looser pattern.

3. How long do you like your hair?

All lengths speak to how long the hair is when straightened. Meaning a 20 inch loose wave bundle in it's natural state will be longer than a 20 inch curly bundle in it's natural state. Use the length guide provided during selection to ensure you get the perfect length.

4. Are you leaving hair out?

If you're not leaving any hair out you will need a closure or frontal to provide a natural look. Closures give less coverage than a frontal. If you are unsure which one you need, consult with your stylist first.


Loose wave is low up keep and high versatility - If you don't want to commit to one look and prefer low upkeep, loose wave is the idea texture for you.

If you wear your hair straight more than 75% of the time, get straight hair - If you wear your hair straight most of the time it's best you get straight so you're not constantly applying heat which can be damaging.


Still have questions? Have a specific look you're going for? Shoot us a message, we'd love to help.





  • Do you have options of colored hair. Unfortunately I don’t know who to trust with coloring the hair after I purchase it. I’m looking for an ombré or blonde blend.

    Lisa M. Haithcock
  • Do you have a color other than 1 b my hair is a sort of idk chestnut my granny says its greasy dish water color ?

    Alainia A Kollasch
  • Are the different lengths different prices

  • Looking for 18in closure

    Carol Malone
  • Looking for a great closure that has a widows peak

    Sonora w.

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