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Hair Loss To Hair Boss: How I Won The Battle Of Thinning Hair


Watching my hair thin was the worst! After countless creative hair styles, hats, and head wraps to hide my thin spots, I decided I wasn't just going to accept my fate, not like this. So I went on a binge, listening to every hair "guru", and tons of products on the market which gave me inconsistent results. That's when I decided to dig in deeper and research the science of hair growth. Here are takeaways that opened my eyes and ACTUALLY enabled me to achieve a full look.

1. You Get It From Your Mama: Genetics is the primary factor that determines your hair texture, volume, length, and how that changes with age. If you are at peak health and have your stress levels under control, there is nothing you can do to grow more hair..except using these 2 chemicals.

2. The 2 Ingredients That ACTUALLY Grow Hair: In clinical trials, there are only 2 ingredients that are proven to restart inactive hair follicles: Finasteride (what's in Propecia) and Minoxidil (what's in Rogaine). If you're using any products that don't contain these ingredients, they most likely won't restart hair growth in areas where it has stopped.

3. Health Is The Key: There are products that don't contain these ingredients that may grow you more hair, but for a different reason. Remember, if you're not at peak health, or your stress levels are high, your hair will suffer. Certain products specialize in promoting your scalp and overall health which in turn normalizes your hair growth. Be clear though, these products are not causing new hair growth, they are just repairing your existing systems.

My research lead me to stop expecting miracles, be more conscious of the food I'm eating, how much water I'm drinking, and of course how I'm treating my scalp. After a few months, I saw my hair begin to fill out and look way more healthy. I then figured out how to maintain my health hair while being able to achieve that red carpet look whenever I wanted. What's the secret? Loxi Hair Extensions of course.




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